state of the heart

LoveQuotient® is the first-of-its-kind tool that quantifies the emotional connection between consumers and brands. Our proprietary methodology measures compatibility, diagnoses opportunities, and makes predictive recommendations, which helps guide your decision-making.

love like dating…?

LoveQuotient quantifies how much consumers love brands. Love as in the way Bostonians love the Red Sox or greenies love Tesla. We understand that love is a four-letter word in some companies, too soft and fuzzy. What we are talking about is the biochemical process of affinity in people, how we relate to what we enjoy.

how the heck…?

Developed by our own Nelson Tao in conjunction with Dr. Gian Gonzaga, former Director of Research at eHarmony, LoveQuotient adapts the principles of compatibility matching and relationship science to provide the first empirical measure of emotion between consumers and brands. This is not consultancy speak. It is a process built on proprietary technology and validated through a large-scale study with more than 250 brands and 6,000 respondents.

what does it measure...?

LoveQuotient examines three components of love — Chemistry, Needs Fulfillment, and Compatibility. Using our proprietary algorithm, we conduct a holistic consumer analysis. Then, we deliver key recommendations for creating deeper relationships. Exploring all three components enables your brand to better understand its drivers and how to strengthen your bond with customers.

what makes it different...?

No five point scales here. LoveQuotient was developed by marketing scientists and engineered from the ground up. We use visual, interactive testing methods to tease out emotional connections. Then, we employ state-of-the-art algorithms to model the implicit relationships between emotions and behaviors. As people often have difficulty expressing and articulating emotions, we’ve created a framework to make it easy.

which gives me what…?

LoveQuotient is your blueprint for marketing strategy: emotional-based research and compatibility insights packaged in a story that brings it all to life. We measure, diagnose, and prescribe solutions, which inform a myriad of marketing decisions from brand positioning to customer messaging to product development.