state of the heart

LoveQuotient® is the first-of-its-kind methodology to quantify and help brands deepen their emotional connection with consumers. Highly diagnostic in nature, LoveQuotient helps brands solve for a variety of business challenges big or small, strategic or tactical in nature.

Developed by our own Nelson Tao, LoveQuotient® adapts the principles of relationship science and compatibility-matching algorithms to provide the first empirical measure of emotion between consumer and brand. This singular methodology helps inform a broad range of business strategies, including brand assessment, customer segmentation, communications testing, customer experience, and product innovation.

Assess, refine, and monitor your brand equity in the marketplace.

Surface attitudes, motivations, and segments of targeted consumer groups.

Inform and optimize communications between your brand and its biggest fans.

Capture the purchase journey and narrow the gap between attraction and action.

Identify new opportunities and enhance the products people love.

components of love…

Love, whether at the human or brand level, is comprised of three primary components: Chemistry, Needs Fulfillment, and Compatibility. Successful, long-term relationships have all three components present.
  • Chemistry: The intangible link to affinity and continued engagement
  • Needs Fulfillment: The emotional and rational needs met through the relationship
  • Compatibility: The personality traits, values, and principles shared between those in the relationship
LoveQuotient is a weighted composite score derived from a separate Chemistry, Needs Fulfillment, and Compatibility score, each of which is comprised of multiple measures. By analyzing the various measures, the key drivers of love are derived for the category and your brand.

LoveQuotient Formula

collecting emotion-based data…

We understand that how we collect consumer data is as important as how we analyze it. As people often have difficulty expressing and articulating emotions, we’ve created a framework to make it easy. That’s why we use visual, interactive testing methods to tease out emotional connections.

providing actionable learnings…

We employ state-of-the-art algorithms to model the implicit relationships between emotions and behaviors. LoveQuotient quantifies how much people love your brand and identifies what exactly drives that love, all presented in a highly visual and actionable story that can be shared across the organization.