transforming talk

Real Time Chatter is our proprietary, iPad-based app that enhances the way you use and analyze qualitative research. Imagine livelier sessions, truer sentiment and clearer takeaways. Whether we’re conducting focus groups, in-depth interviews or in-home studies, Real Time Chatter ensures comprehensive consistency and immediate data tabulation.

how real time chatter works

Using touchscreens, respondents participate in highly visual exercises that provide engaging stimuli and encourage them to express emotions that they might be otherwise unable to articulate. Real Time Chatter then captures and archives all the feedback, which can be sorted, exported, and shared as part of a broader knowledge base.

what it helps you achieve


creative testing

Real Time Chatter streamlines message testing (both written and visual) by allowing respondents to highlight areas of a particular communiqué in green or red, depending on likes and dislikes. Users can add comments and even rate a concept or an overarching thought. Once they’ve reacted to the stimuli, they tap a button, and all feedback is consolidated into a report viewable online — whether you’re in the back room or miles away.

collage building

Market research’s classic associative exercise — the collage — has been reimagined, thanks to Real Time Chatter. Respondents choose from thousands of images on an iPad to create, edit and title their collages. Clients, observing user progress from anywhere in the world, can see each collage as the respondent creates and finalizes the work, lending new meaning and context to the data.