from test case to best case

Get to the heart of the matter and inform your legal strategy with insights from hundreds of potential jurors. Whether you’re headed to trial or mediation, our Legal Advisory Services will arm you with the data-based confidence to present the strongest arguments for your client.

We’ve engineered our Legal Advisory Services to help legal professionals leverage the most robust research techniques — both quantitative and qualitative. Test and evaluate trial strategies across a wide range of practice areas, including product liability, medical malpractice, class action lawsuits and social services negligence.

a scientific approach

Coherency taps hundreds of residents within a designated geography – local or national – to participate in a confidential online survey in which they react to key elements of your case:

  • A brief action synopsis
  • Video summaries of your arguments
  • Opposing counsel’s anticipated arguments
  • Jury instructions

actionable intelligence

Ready-made insights, for argument’s sake:

  • Emotional and rational resonance of competing arguments
  • Most salient support points of competing arguments
  • Jury’s likelihood to find on behalf of the plaintiff or defendant
  • Potential dollar value of a jury award

a clear roadmap

Inform vital aspects of your preparation, including:

  • Jury selection
  • Opening statements and closing arguments
  • Lines of questioning
  • Mediation strategies

Additional qualitative services are available to add context and nuance to quantitative research, especially in areas of jury selection, opening statements and closing arguments.