inspiring action

We offer a suite of qualitative and quantitative tools to help you solve real business challenges. Our research is grounded in the principle that emotion is at the heart of consumer behavior. That’s why we developed LoveQuotient®.

LoveQuotient is our proprietary methodology for quantifying and
increasing the emotional connection between consumers and brands.
For us, LoveQuotient is more than just a methodology – it’s a philosophy we apply to our many capabilities.


We put to work a vast range of tools to surface the
meaty insights that inform our clients’ business
strategies and commercial decisions. Our teams are
experts in research methodologies that optimize
respondent participation, study findings, and
actionable recommendations.

a partial list of techniques includes:

  • Biometric testing
  • Ethnographies
  • Focus groups
  • Ideation sessions
  • In-depth interviews
  • Quantitative surveys
  • Segmentation studies
  • Tracking studies


Coherency is proud to have developed our own
iPad-based app to revolutionize the collection and real
time tabulation of data for qualitative research.

our real time chatter app delivers:

  • Uniformity in exercises across markets
  • Consistency in stimulus (e.g., visual imagery) to aid in
    identification of trends
  • Immediate tabulation that provides for faster analysis
    of findings

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coherency solutions

Our research methods solve for a broad range of business challenges...

brand strategy

Brand Mapping

Focuses brand positioning through an emotional lens,
mapping your brand persona to consumers’ emotional
needs; diagnostic capabilities provide insights that
build relationships and lead to desired behaviors.

Brand Tracking

Monitors your brand’s emotional health over time,
measuring your brand personality, values, and depth
of connection with consumers.

consumer understanding

Emotional Segmentation

Defines your core and opportunity targets based
on their emotional need states, personality attributes,
and values.

Compatibility Assessment

Assesses your brand’s alignment with your consumers
on their “inner self” and “aspirational self” perceptions
to help your brand integrate into their lives.


Brand Messaging

Informs key positioning and messaging to unlock the
hearts and minds of your consumers by fulfilling their
emotional needs and maximizing compatibility with
their personalities and values.

Creative Testing

Measures the emotional response to your creative, utilizing proprietary technology and engagement exercises that tap into the underlying emotional connection, applicable to TV concept and pilot testing as well.

product development

Brand Extension

Explores feasibility of new products and strategic partnerships utilizing our emotional brand elasticity module.

Product Optimization

Evaluates existing products and packaging to better
align with consumers’ emotional and rational needs.