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Coherency is a marketing insights agency. We use breakthrough
research techniques to help brands solve business challenges
by deciphering the emotional logic that drives consumer behavior.
In other words, how the heart rules the head and controls the purse strings.

why it’s not so rational

When psychologists refer to “emotional intelligence,”
they don’t just mean demonstrating patience while standing
in line at Starbucks. Emotions serve as an unspoken
guide for consumer choices.

Purchasing behaviors activate emotional centers

Neuroscience shows the emotional centers of the brain (the insula and striatum) are activated during money transactions, loyalty decisions, and when interacting with brands they love. Most consumers decide what to buy on a sub-conscious emotional level and then construct a rationale.

Emotional > Rational

Ad effectiveness studies have shown that ads featuring an emotional appeal are more effective than ads featuring a rational appeal. Just imagine a world of advertising without babies, puppies, and Clydesdales.

Love for brand predicts consumer choices

The affinity that consumers express for a brand has a 70% correlation with their purchasing patterns (e.g., purchasing a product, paying a price premium, recommending it to friends, ignoring competitive alternative, etc.), which is an extremely strong purchase indicator.

select case studies

Partnered with NBCUniversal Lifestyle Group (Bravo, E!, Oxygen) to understand the role of emotion in viewer engagement and advertiser receptivity. The findings? A compelling story that NBCU Lifestyle TV viewers are more emotionally connected, more likely to be influencers, and significantly more likely to recommend advertisers' products seen on Lifestyle networks than viewers of competitive networks.

Featured Case Study

Teamed with Colgate to understand the emotional drivers of Hispanic consumers when making oral care decisions. The results? A framework that provided the marketing team insight and direction to develop compelling positioning and communications behind their brands for this key market segment.

Featured Case Study

Worked with Citi globally to identify the key drivers of love in the banking and credit card industry and to identify the brand’s opportunities to deepen its emotional connection with customers. The outcome? A highly informed brand repositioning that bridged the rational drivers of choice to the emotional drivers of love in the category.

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