RESEARCH LIVE | January 20, 2016

Coherency, a marketing insights and strategy agency expert in deciphering the emotional and rational drivers of consumer behavior, is happy to announce that Laura Beavin, Ph.D., has joined the team as a Senior Research Specialist.

"Coherency has set itself apart from other consumer research agencies," said Dr. Beavin. "Collaborating with this team of industry thought leaders and utilizing cutting-edge proprietary methodologies such as Coherency’s LoveQuotient® is an outstanding opportunity to help brands better connect with their consumers."

Laura comes to Coherency from the Ipsos Neuro & Behavioral Science Centre. As the Manager of R&D, she was responsible for locating, vetting, and advancing progressive neuroscience methodologies and identifying ways to apply these to real-world consumer and marketing needs.

Laura earned her Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Claremont Graduate University, where she used a variety of neuroscience methodologies to understand physiologic drivers of decision-making in social, organizational, and consumer settings.

"Laura’s passion for research is driven by a desire to understand how humans weigh various options and to identify what leads them to make particular decisions," said Jeff Meleski, CEO of Coherency. "This approach makes her an ideal addition to our team."

About Coherency

For more than a dozen years, Coherency (previously Chatter Inc.) has been helping world-class clients across industries decipher the emotional and rational drivers of consumer behavior. Coherency provides a suite of quantitative and qualitative research tools designed to help brands build deeper emotional connections with consumers, including its proprietary LoveQuotient®, the first-of-its-kind methodology that quantifies consumer love for a brand. Coherency is based in Los Angeles, with an office in New York. For more information visit or contact Steve Markov at 424-281-1165.


Suzanne Mannion